About us

International Business Apps LLC is a globally operated company with offices in the USA and Germany. We specialize in developing software as well as marketing campaigns for businesses, organizations, associations and clubs regardless of size, type and sector.

Our team of consultants, software engineers and marketing specialists work with a wide professional network of experts around the world - people who know how to take your business to new heights with mobile apps, web tools, state-of-the-art software and marketing campaigns.


IBA is a globally-operating software, communications and marketing provider. Our team consists of software and requirements engineers, programmers, communication and marketing experts, project managers, consultants - people who want to help you and your business make the most of modern technology. We also work with a diverse network of professional partners around the world.


No fuss. No IT jargon. No hidden costs. At IBA, we design custom-made, secure and user-friendly tools. We believe in straightforward and transparent pricing systems. Long-term support and continuous optimisation of your products are of paramount regard because it is our mission to deliver the perfect solution for each and every customer in the most convenient and hassle-free manner.


At IBA, we develop mobile apps and software that are affordable, intuitive to use, highly adaptable for any size business or organization. We understand the necessity of high availability to our customers and thus we offer an uptime guarantee to ensure maximum availability and performance 365 days a year. And once a product is launched our marketing experts will assist you in promoting it, captivating users and creating content.

And more.

At IBA, we know that setting up an app or communication platform is only the first step in establishing successful communication channels with active users. This is why we are not only inclined in building these platforms, but most importantly, we are fastidious in bringing them to life. Thus connecting people and creating opportunities for collaboration are also part of our services.