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Consulting and Analysis

We believe that off-the-shelf products are a thing of the past. As such, we want to deliver the perfect solution for each and every customer in the most convenient and hassle-free manner. Before commencing a healthy working relationship with you on state-of-the-art customized solutions, our consultants are here at your disposal. We organize personal workshops with you in order to determine how we can develop the most suitable tools for you, to integrate existing systems and to create an indispensable asset.

Development and Optimization

Once you have decided what your ideal tool will look like, leave the nitty gritty details to us. Assessing and integrating existing systems is within the ambit of our expertise. We will take care of communications with your partners and providers and ensure everyone is kept abreast and working as a team. Updates, security backups and improving over-all user experience are part of our services. Learning about user preferences enables us to recommend the most useful tools to safeguard the evolution and long-term success of your systems.

Agile Marketing

We know that setting up web and mobile solutions is only the first step in establishing successful communication channels with active users. Our communication experts specialize in developing marketing and communication strategies and taking care of PR and customer support in order to ensure the success and growth of your tools. With custom-fit and creative online content such as videos and social media campaigns and special customer programs, we will assist you in optimizing your marketing strategy and using ever-evolving technology to grow your business and customer base.

Effective, custom-made solutions

… to increase customer loyalty, visibility and revenue, while saving time, money and precious nerves.    

Conduu – Your Community App

… in 4 Easy Steps

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CONDUU solutions are membership websites and mobile apps 
designed for home owner and condominium associations, gated and planned communities,
property management companies and country clubs, to name a few. 

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